Building Your Project List

Site Walk-Thru

One of the most important meetings in planning your school’s Community Serve Day is the site walk-thru, which occurs before school gets out in June. The site walk-thru will address all of the principal project requests and any custom requests from teachers. The site walk-thru will include the site leader (you), the principal (or designated staff), and a team from the school district facilities team to determine the school projects that can be accomplished during CSD. 

To schedule the site walk-through, work with your principal to find a time that works for both of you on the “Walk-Through Schedule”. A link to the schedule for each school district was shared in a May 16th email. That schedule is shared with the school district facilities team and ensures that they can join you for the walk-through. The CSD Project Manager (Kathy) will attend all school site walk-thrus that involve new site leaders or custom projects. 

The principal will have submitted a project list in advance that we will share with you. Bring this request list with you to the walk-thru. You’ll walk the school and review all the projects, locations where bark, and landscaping will take place. Be prepared to write notes, take photos, draw maps, or whatever else you need to ensure the requests will still make sense 2 months from now!

During your walk-through, you only need to discuss custom projects from teachers that involve special skills or materials, like painting a classroom. You don’t need to walk through every teacher’s request list.

Large and/or custom projects should be discussed with the facilities team from the school district. It may be determined that the district already has on their to-do list or are not possible to accomplish in one day. 

Build Your Project List 

Your final project list is going to include work from these sources:

Classroom projects requested by teachers

Work requested by the principal

Our top priority is teacher projects. Let’s aim to get those done first.

All of the school projects like landscaping and painting are the next priority. Work with the principal to assign a high/medium/low priority to those projects so you know how to route your volunteers on Community Serve day.

We rarely finish every project that gets requested by a school, and that’s by design. We’d prefer to have a list too long, rather than run out of projects and miss the chance to have volunteers help that day.

You can create your project list using whatever format you prefer… Spreadsheet, Word Doc, handwritten, etc. Keep in mind that this list may evolve through the summer, especially in the weeks leading up to Community Serve Day. That’s fine, stay flexible!!!

Submit Your Final Project List

Please send a copy of your project list to Kathy Flugstad at Northshore Church ( at these two points in time:

Once you finish the walk-through with the Principal in June. This is used for budgeting, purchasing supplies, determining how many volunteers you’ll get, and confirming that the work being requested is allowed by the school district. 

In the week leading up to the event in August so we can make sure there aren’t any surprises that need to be accounted for.

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