These are the key meetings and tasks for Community Serve Day 2024. Please mark the monthly meetings on your calendar now. 

MAY 2024

Attend the May site leader meeting – Zoom meeting 7pm-8pm on either Tues. May 7 or Weds May 8 (Returning Site Leaders)

New site leaders only – Attend May 19 lunch meeting at NCC at 11:45am OR schedule coffee with CSD Project Manager

Connect with the principal either via email, phone call or a visit to answer any questions about CSD. Share the teacher volunteer link with them to communicate with their staff. 

Returning site leaders complete site walk-thru with principal or other staff attending. Send project list to CSD Project Manager

Contact the PTA/PTSA president and ask them to send communications out to the parents about Community Serve Day along with the link for families to register as volunteers. Consider attending a PTA/PTSA meeting to help promote CSD.

Registration opens May 15 – Share the registration link with family, friends, and neighbors.

Pick up the CSD banner from Northshore – bring to the walk-thru or hang at the school by the end of May.

JUNE 2024 (before school is out)

Attend the June site leader meeting – Lunch meeting on June 2, 11:30am at Northshore Community Church OR Zoom meeting 7-8pm, Tuesday June 4 or Weds June 5

Review teacher volunteer requests and ask questions if needed

New site leaders complete site walk-thru with principal or other staff attending. Send project list to CSD Project Manager

Check with the principal to find out when they will return in August after the summer break.

JULY 2024

Check volunteer registrations weekly and answer any questions if needed, identify potential project leaders

No site leader meeting


Attend the August Site Leader Meeting – Lunch meeting on August 4, 11:30am at Northshore Community Church OR Zoom meeting 7-8pm, Tuesday August 6, Weds. Aug 7

Contact principal to share the list of teachers who requested volunteers. Encourage them to send out a “last call” for teachers to request volunteers.

Determine how many project leaders you want and what their roles will be.

Determine what kind of tools and supplies your projects will need. Make a list of the tools and equipment that you’ll ask volunteers to bring.

Identify any projects that are going to require work in advance. For example, outside paint projects should be pressure washed at least one day ahead of time. 

Decide how you want to allocate volunteers once they check in.

Email all of your volunteers

Share high-level event details.

Recruit project leaders / check-in leaders / food coordinator

Advance volunteers needed.

Specialized tools if needed (pressure washers)

The week before (August 19-23)

Confirm with the principal that:

The custodian will arrive by 8am to open the gate and facilities. Let the custodian know you’ll need a table & chairs for check–in, and any other supplies.

The teachers will arrive by 8:30am to open up their classrooms, and principal (or other staff) will arrive by 8:30am

Do your own walk-through of the school

Take “before” photos of the areas that are scheduled to be worked on.

Look for any final surprises like unexpected mulch piles that got delivered

Talk to your project leaders. 

Make sure project leaders have all of the information they need to manage their assignment. Provide them with a printable (or printed) copy of the project list.

Let them know what tools and supplies you are providing. Make sure nothing is missing from your list.

It is a good idea to meet them at the school for a walk-through to confirm they are familiar with their work zones.

Share your plan for assigning volunteers as they arrive. It is important that your project leaders know how many volunteers are headed their way.

Pick up site supplies, signs, shirts, and snacks at Northshore Community Church by Thursday August 22.

Buy other supplies if needed. You have a reimbursable budget of $100. 

Email your volunteers August 22-23 (after online registration closes):

General timeline for the day

Parking instructions (if needed)

Personal items to bring

Tools to bring and share

Print your volunteer list for check in. For last minute volunteers, print onsite registration forms & waivers. Attach them to clipboards and make sure you have folders to secure them once they are signed.

THE BIG DAY (August 25)

Set up any directional signage to help volunteers find the school. Northshore Church provides these signs.

Site leaders should arrive at 8am. The custodian will be onsite at that time to unlock the facilities and provide you with any tables or chairs you requested for check-in.

Encourage your project leaders to arrive at 8am so they can set up their assigned areas.

Volunteers are told to arrive at 9am. Expect them to start arriving 15 minutes early. Get them assigned to their first job as quickly as possible. 

Begin cleaning up at 12:30pm. The custodians, teachers, and principals will be eager to go home. Conduct any final clean-up as quickly as possible.

Community Serve Day ends at 1pm. 

Text the CSD Project Manager your final count of volunteers.

WRAP UP – after Community Serve Day

Complete the site leader survey that will be emailed to you.

Send a final email to your volunteers.

Thank you!

List of lost & found items and how to retrieve them. 

Request for any great photos they captured that day.

Send any good photos or interesting stories to the CSD Project Manager

Drop off your remaining supplies along with registration & waiver sheets at Northshore Church.

Submit receipts for reimbursement online

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